Salsa Class in Havana (1 hour)


  • Price is per person
  • Multiple starting times possible
  • Always includes a Cuban cocktail


That most Cubans can dance is a stereotype that is mostly true. The rhythm seems to run thorugh their vains.
Your Cuba trip won’t be complete without learning the basics of Salsa. Get off your feet and swing that hips!
We offer salsa classes, wherin we only work with the best Cuban dance teachers.
The setting is a rooftop in the middle of Havana Vieja.
It doesnt matter if you are on your own or travelling with a group, also private lessons are posible!
Not any experience in dancing, or already pretty skilled (as you think yourself)?
Our teachers can offer lessons that will suit any level of experience!
Got thirsty after the lessons? There is also a bar on the rooftop. We’ll be happy to serve you a drink!


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